Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Real Questions. Real Answers.


TPO is very durable under any weather conditions. TPO is a type of single-ply roof membrane. TPO stands for Thermoplastic Poly/Olefin. It can be used to roof over existing roofs or for new construction. If needed, the old roof can be removed prior to the installation of the TPO or it can be laid-over in some cases. Ask for job specific information!

Duro-Last is also very durable under any weather conditions. Duro-Last is a type of single-ply roof membrane. It is a proprietary blend of P.V.C. that has UV stabilizers, algaecides, chemical and fire-resistant agents mixed into it during the manufacturing process. Since it is not added after manufacturing on the surface it will not wear off over time. This is what allows them to give such a good warranty. Ask for job specific information on Duro-Last manufacturing!

Nationwide Waterproofing has a 3-year labor warranty for all roofs. TPO and Duro-Last both have (15-year no dollar limit commercial warranties) available. The warranty includes labor and materials. Ask for a copy of the Duro-Last Warranty to be mailed to you!

We will travel anywhere in Texas for commercial jobs and outside of Texas, if the job is larger (Call with any questions.)

Nationwide Waterproofing offers free storm inspections. After the inspection we can tell you if there is sufficient damage to make a claim. After dealing with hundreds of insurance claims for our customers, we have developed a group of licensed professionals. We will organize the claims process so it is faster and easier for you and it is more likely to pass for full replacement with us there. An individual may deal with one or two claims in a lifetime. A property manager may deal with five to ten. After dealing with hundreds of claims with my customers, I know what the insurance company will do and who to call.

Nationwide Waterproofing is a company built to best serve the customer. We are not just any roofing contractor, we have many years of experience in large projects. We will manage all the trades need for your project for a seamless re-roofing process for insurance claims. We will deal with your insurance company directly for no additional charge, with the understanding that we get the roof job if we get it approved for full replacement by the insurance company. We also have on job site management at all times that means one of the company’s primary staff “family”, not just a hired manager.

TPO and Duro-Last roofing systems reflecting back most of the sun that hits them and then quickly emitting the small amount of heat they absorbs. Which can drop the open-air temperature of a shop or warehouse by 10 to 15 degrees. As for a building with A/C, electric usage can be reduced by as much as 10% to 20% in some cases. The TPO and Duro-Last Roofing Systems also has a 5-star energy rating, that means there are tax exceptions and rebates available in most states and cities. they also help with LEED certification.

Yes, we are licensed to operate in Texas statewide and most other states. Insuring any size project and bonding is available for any project.

Literature is available upon request. Contact Brian at 871-938-5142.

A referral list is available upon request. If you wish to see a project near you, contact us. We are also accredited BBB members.

If you have been near a storm, such as a hail storm, tornado or in the path of a hurricane. Yes, the insurance company is liable for damages caused by the storm.

If your area was hit by a storm, the insurance company will petition the state board of insurance for a raise in rate based on projected losses. In short, your rate will go up simply because the storm hit. An insurance company cannot raise your rates personally, based on a claim. They raise rates in a region based on a storm (losses), not on claims. If you do not claim your rate it will raise anyway. It is also illegal to raise an individual’s insurance rate or cancel them based on an act of god or natural occurrence, such as a tornado, hurricane, hail or high winds.

Yes, we can install any types of roofing. In the past, we have installed many different types of roofing. We choose TPO in most cases, simply because it is the best all-around roof. If we feel TPO or Duro-Last will not serve your needs, we will make other recommendations. If you have questions about other types of roofing, please feel free to ask.